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Review of Korean Drama Titled “Celebrity”

Celebrity is a Korean drama series directed by Kim Sung-yoon. This drama is popular for telling and also exploring the dark side of social media fame. Starring Park Gyu-young, Kang Min-hyuk, Park Ye-ni and others, the celebrity series follows the story of Seo A-ri (Park Gyu-young), an ordinary door-to-door make-up salesman due to her family’s bankruptcy, which suddenly becomes a social media sensation.

Ah-ri, who at first has no interest in the world of influencers or celebrities and social media, changes when she meets her old school friend Oh Min-hye (Jun Hyo-Seong) who has become a successful public figure and joins Gabin Society, a collection of beautiful and wealthy influencers led by Yoon Si-Hyeon (Lee Chung-Ah).

Min-Hye, who finds out that Ah-ri’s family has gone bankrupt, invites her to attend the influencers’ party. But an incident with another influencer made Ah-ri angry and slapped an influencer in front of everyone.

Her courage and style make talent scout and cosmetics company CEO Han Jun-Kyung (Kang Min-Hyuk) become attracted to her. And with this incident it made her Instagram account start to famous, and with various kinds of events she was able to see how the intrigue of the influencer world brought her into and finally Ah-ri had ambitions to become famous and hated by the members of the Gabin Society, especially after Han Jun-kyung was attracted to her and circulated gossip on social media and real life.

When Ah-ri is above popularity and begins to succeed, she must be able to face exposure to gossip from people who don’t like her, including a mysterious figure who was once Ah-ri’s fan who turned violent. Not to mention the deliberately covered up drug cases that can be fatal to everyone, including Ah-ri’s life.

Starting with Ah-ri’s performance, which is said to appear, make a live on the account and make netizens follow her story on live streaming. Meanwhile, Gabin Society influencers were shocked by her presence after several months of not showing up, even thought she was dead due to a suicide incident that plunged into the sea.

The storyline is then taken back by Ah-ri how she started who was not a celebrity and entered a world full of tricks and secrets – the biggest secrets of influencers. With the background of Seo Ah-ri, the son of a rich man who was once a prominent person and then broke, making a principled firm character with humility plus what he is.

Meanwhile, Yoon Si-hyeon’s co-star is a typical person who is already famous and doesn’t really need social media, where he social media just to be friends with Ah-ri. Along with his fame he always felt pressured to always maintain his new image, and he was forced to make difficult choices that could endanger his own life.

From the premise conveyed, we are all given images related to the lives of influencers. The drama conveys the idea that social media fame can be a double-edged knife, giving people a platform to share their skills and connect with others.

But on the other hand it can lead to cyberbullying, or other forms of harassment. Social climbing actions, content gimmicks, pretending to be rich, and diligently creating conflicts make people famous and have many endorsements, which we often encounter in the real world.


Not to mention that there are many netizens and fake account owners who gossip, support, and satirize, can become fans but turn obsessive. This drama shows how many dangers can be very detrimental for everyone, especially for young people.


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