Single’s Inferno: Korean Netflix Reality Show That Became A Global Hit

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Korea has been an undeniable center of creativity when it comes to creating engaging entertainment content. Many ideas are offered to the audience, and this is proof that many exciting things are presented. Korea has successfully created local entertainment and shared it with the world through various reality shows that captivate audiences from different backgrounds through the Netflix platform. This has also strengthened Korea’s position as a leading producer of engaging entertainment content in the world, by continuously developing creative ideas, Korea continues to show that they have no limits when it comes to innovation in the entertainment industry, and platforms like Netflix are the perfect place to recognize their creativity. From academics, they offer intellectual programs that give viewers insight. There are many kinds of sports that are contested and that are exciting matches to watch. Korea also doesn’t hesitate to explore the survival genre, where viewers are directly involved in the thrilling journey of the participants in facing various challenges. One of the biggest draws is reality shows that combine elements of love and survival, as seen in the success of the dating show Single’s Inferno, which is well-known worldwide.

Single’s Inferno is a Dating Show from South Korea that has become quite a buzz on global platforms in recent years. Unlike other Dating Shows, in this show, they create a very interesting concept, where they gather several singles on a small island called “Hell” and create a unique atmosphere that forces participants to adapt to nature and live without modern facilities. In such conditions, they have to cook for themselves and do not even have personal gadgets to play with. Another unique feature is that participants are prohibited from discussing age and occupation, allowing them to focus on the personal and emotional aspects of dating. So, on this island, the only thing allowed is dating and competing to win the game. Participants are not only trying to build a romantic relationship but also have to play the game that the director has determined. The winners of each game deserve a chance to leave the island for one night to understand each other. This opportunity is referred to as “Heaven” in the context of the Single’s Inferno show. Being the opposite of “Hell”, where participants who win the game will choose the person they want to take off the island for one night, they can enjoy a date moment with exclusive room service and participate in various fun activities at the hotel, such as swimming and eating fancy food. They can also talk about each other’s age and occupation to understand each other. After spending one night in “Heaven” the participants return to the island of “Hell” to repeat the cycle. This process continues until it reaches the final stage, where participants will choose one person they like the most and feel compatible with. When the two choose each other, they are considered a match and are given the opportunity to continue their love story in real life. This moment is the culmination of their emotional and challenging journey on the island. Single’s Inferno not only creates a dramatic moment on the island, but it is also the first step to building a relationship in the real world, which is what the audience feeds off. Although, in reality, the final couple of the show did not last long due to various problems and mismatches, one of the couples, Joo Yoong Jae and Choi Seo Eun from season 2, managed to establish a real relationship after the end of the show.

Single Inferno has achieved success for almost three seasons in the last three years and has maintained high ratings in each season. The show has created traction as one of Korea’s most popular reality shows. This success was further reinforced by Single Inferno’s inclusion in Netflix’s Global Top 10 list, making history as the first Korean reality show to achieve that. This reality show is often called the Korean version of Bachelor in Paradise. Not only did Single’s Inferno trend worldwide, but it also received an overwhelming response that caused debate among viewers. Even during its airing, the hashtag #Singlesinferno trended on various social media platforms, showing the vast influence and enthusiasm generated by the show. Throughout three seasons, Single’s Inferno has been filmed in multiple locations in two famous cities in South Korea. Seasons 1 and 2 took place near Incheon, with the locations of Hell and Heaven close together, while in Season 3 the place of Heaven was on Jeju Island, southwest of the Korean peninsula. The main filming location is in Seungbong-do, a small island that has been the backdrop for popular shows such as Running Man and 2 Days & 1 Night, it is a quiet and relaxing island that is a great destination to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the island also offers experiences of shelling, camping, and enjoying beautiful sunsets. “Paradise” couples dates in seasons 1 and 2 took place at Paradise City Hotel and Resort, Incheon, while season 3 featured locations around Jeju island, with Grand Hyatt Jeju as the centerpiece of the couples’ stay in “Paradise”

In Single’s Inferno, the places used as filming locations are not only the story’s background but also the audience’s focus. By choosing Incheon as the main location for seasons 1 and 2, the show showcased the charm of Heaven and Hell, making viewers realize that this city has many interesting places to visit. Seungbong-do, a small island in incheon, can be an interesting choice of destination in addition to historical places and tall buildings in incheon. The choice of the Grand Hyatt in Jeju as “Paradise” in Season 3 also gives a good idea of the beauty of Jeju island. Through the various filming spots in Single’s Inferno, the show not only entertains but also indirectly promotes the beauty and uniqueness of destinations in South Korea. Through each scene aired, viewers are invited to explore the charm of South Korea through the screen, “Single’s Inferno” not only provides entertainment, but also plays a role in introducing the charm of tourist attractions in South Korea to viewers around the world. With a beautifully shot and interesting story, the show is a means to promote the beauty and appeal of South Korea’s tourism destinations around the world and open up new opportunities for international travelers to explore the country.

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