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Korean wave colonizes Indonesia

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Korean wave, or commonly called Hallyu, is a phenomenon of spreading Korean popular culture worldwide through media such as drama, music, culture, and clothing. In Indonesia, Korean Wave began to influence the public in the late 1990s through Korean drama exports.

This phenomenon quickly influenced Indonesian culture, from the style of dress to the speech style, marking a transformation of foreign culture into local culture. Indonesian people are beginning to adopt some aspects of Korean culture into their daily lives, creating an increasingly diverse and dynamic cultural environment.

Korean Wave has also opened the door to cultural collaboration between Korea and Indonesia, enriching both sides with new experiences and perspectives. This phase begins with the Korean wave 1.0 Where the export of Korean Drama began, as time passed, not only Korean drama, in K-Wave 2.0 came also Korean pop music that greatly influenced the behavior of Indonesian people.

Especially Korean fans who are beginning to follow and bow to Korean culture, Spurred by social networking sites and smart phones Korean pop music fans are getting crazy. It’s not just in Indonesia that Korean pop music is so popular today that it reaches all over the world, even beyond East Asia.

To access today’s Korean pop music is easy, starting from a website and a network of fellow fans. Besides, on K-wave 3.0 lately, the Korean Ministry of Culture and Sports is planning to expand the “culture area”, the K-Wave 4.0 wave. emerged from the affection of Korean fans who like to imitate their lifestyle, food, even their idol home.

Hallyu or Korean Wave emerged as a new phenomenon in an era of globalization that has long been dominated by Western culture. Just like Westernization, the pattern of spread of the Korean wave is carried out through films, TV dramas, Korean pop music, style of dress, even languages, food, and technologies like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter that mostly contribute to the spreading of hallyu.

Korean Wave has become a trend in different countries. It proves that Korean pop culture is capable of penetrating the world market and competing with Western culture, and it proves the Korean Wave is the most powerful enemy of Westernization today. Its spread is not only limited to Asia, but has reached many parts of the world.

The Korean Wave has broadened the world view of Korea and has had a major impact on global popular culture. It shows that the influence and power of hallyu in spreading Korean culture has become a phenomenon that cannot be ignored in the current of contemporary globalization.

The development of Korean Wave in Indonesia began with the appearance of the Korean drama entitled “Endless Love” in the 2000s. Especially, the drama attracts the interest of teenagers who are looking for entertainment as well as psychological and mental support.

The story presented in the Korean drama inspires and motivates the audience. With the presence of “Endless Love”, the Korean entertainment industry began to attract attention in Indonesia. Many people are interested in exploring further about Korean culture and works of art, including music, movies, and food. Subsequent Korean dramas, such as “Winter Sonata” and “Full House”, also managed to gain great popularity in Indonesia.

At that time, social media was not as popular as it is now, so the spread of the Korean Wave was more dependent on television broadcasts and cable TV channels. However, its influence was strong, bringing Korean culture and trends to Indonesia. The Korean Wave has influenced not only the entertainment industry, but also lifestyle, fashion, and even tourism, with an increasing number of Indonesian tourists visiting Korea to experience Korean life and culture in person.

In Indonesia, Korean Wave is more acceptable than Westernization, because Korean wave has local values that match the Indonesian culture, for example, in the style of dress and speech. Therefore, although Westernization is first in Indonesia, Korea Wave has developed more than Westernisation. Nowadays Korean Wave is very popular in a wide range of communities in Indonesia, from children, teens, to adults.

Where thanks to the presence of information technology so the dissemination and absorption of culture can be done effectively and efficiently. It can be seen from the statistics of the twitter report that in 2019 Indonesia was ranked 3rd after Thailand and South Korea recorded mostly talking about Korean artists. As for the broadcasting of K-pop videos on youtube by country, Indonesia ranks second with 9.9%, but by 2021 Indonesia is the world’s first pop Korean fan.

Besides, Indonesia is also the country with the most pop Korean talk in the media.The solution to overcome the negative impact of the K-Wave phenomenon: one of them is to stick to a principle as a millennial generation not to get caught up in a bad current by way of mnyar or filtering culture that comes in according to the ideology of the country.

Korean wave colonizes Indonesia

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Korean wave colonizes Indonesia

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