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Korean Idols and Actors become Brand Ambassadors and Diplomacy Actors

Korean Idols and Actors become Brand Ambassadors and Diplomacy Actors

The entry and development of Korean culture in Indonesia shows us how foreign culture processes into a country. The Korean Wave itself is a cultural phenomenon that refers to the popularity of South Korean culture to the outside world from the 1990s. Well, the term Korean Wave was originally coined by a journalist from Beijing in 1997 to show how the development of Korean culture and entertainment in China. The internet and television became one of the media to introduce Korean culture. With the internet, it is very easy for us to see the culture and entertainment world.

The beginning of the entry of Korean culture into Indonesia began with one of the television stations airing one of the Korean dramas entitled Endless Love in 2002 and aired again by RCTI. The Korean Wave was very accepted by us and several television stations aired several variations of Korean dramas, such as The Heirs, Full House and Boys Before Flower. At that time Indonesian television stations not only aired Korean dramas, but also aired the music program “Music Bank” with which our society became familiar with Korean pop music or K-POP.

Starting from Korean dramas aired on Indonesian television stations, now people are looking at Korean pop music “K-POP”. Just like the beginning of Korean dramas, K-Pop also began to enter Indonesia in the early 2000s. The first girl groups and boy groups that boomed when they entered Indonesia were TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, and Big Bang. The fame of K-Pop was added by them holding music concerts in Indonesia. Currently, there are more than 10 K-POP groups that hold concerts, usually they not only hold concerts but also fan meetings. Girl groups and boy groups that successfully held concerts and fan meetings are NCT, BTS, BlackPink, Twice, EXO, Red Velvet, Seventeen, and many more.

Along with the times, K-Pop and K-Drama are not only entertainment for the Indonesian people but also as diplomacy actors in cooperation between Korea and Indonesia and become Brand Ambassadors of Indonesian products. One of the members of the boy group Super Junior, Choi Siwon was appointed as the 50th ambassador of diplomatic relations between Korea and Indonesia. Choi Siwon was directly appointed and inaugurated by the South Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs in April 2023. With the appointment of Choi Siwon, both countries hope that the relationship between South Korea and Indonesia will progress. Both countries also hope that the younger generation will be aware of the relationship between the two countries.

Source: https://www.korea.net/NewsFocus/Society/view?articleId=231170

Korean Idols become Brand Ambassadors of Indonesian products

Not only as diplomacy actors, K-Pop idols and K-Drama actors also become Brand Ambassadors of Indonesian brands. The following is a row of K-Pop Idols and K-Drama Actors/Actresses:

  1. BlackPink


Source: https://www.tokopedia.com/blog/2021-tokopedia-tunjuk-dua-brand-ambassador-sekaligus-bts-dan-blackpink/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic

Blackpink has become the Brand Ambassador of Indonesian e-commerce, Tokopedia. Previously Blackpink also became Shopee Indonesia’s Brand Ambassador.

  1. Hyunbin

This Korean drama actor has also become Lazada Mall (LazMall) e-Commerce Brand Ambassador. Hyunbin even held a fan meet event with his fans.

  1. NCT Dream

Source: https://lemonilo.com/lemonilo-umumkan-nct-dream-sebagai-brand-ambassador-terbaru/

NCT Dream was once the Brand Ambassador of instant noodles, Lemonilo. Their way to attract the attention of customers is not only to make NCT Dream as BA but they make Photo Cards in the packaging and it is very interesting for customers to collect them. Besides being Lemonilo’s Brand Ambassador, NCT Dream is also TokoPedia’s e-Commerce Brand Ambassador.

  1. Choi Siwon

Not only being the Ambassador of Bilateral Relations between Korea-Indonesia. Choi Siwon also became the Brand Ambassador of one of the instant noodle brands. Siwon became the Brand Ambassador of sedaap noodles, even releasing one of the instant noodle variants with Korean flavors. Choi Siwon is also one of the K-Pop idols who very often goes back and forth to Indonesia. Choi Siwon is also close friends with several Indonesian actors and actresses.

  1. ITZY

Source: Google

This girl group from JYP has also been the Brand Ambassador of Indomilk milk products. Just like Lemonilo, Indomilk also provides Photo Cards for customer collections.

  1. Twice

Twice was once the Brand Ambassador of Scarlett, a skincare brand from Indonesia.

  1. Red Velvet

Source: Google

SM Entertaiment’s debut girl group collaborated and became the Brand Ambassador of Azarine cosmetics. In this Cooperation edition, Red Velvet promotes Lips products, Azarine also makes “Red Velvet Pick” promotions and Azarine issues edition products with Red Velvet.

The above is one of the many K-Pop idols and K-Drama actors/actresses who became Brand Ambassadors. The number of Indonesian brands that use Korean idols and actors/actresses as promotional media shows that the Korean Wave is highly accepted by our country’s consumers. With that, hooking Korean idols or artists shows that the cooperation between Korea and Indonesia is going well.

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