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K-pop and K-drama as South Korea’s Public Diplomacy

K-pop and K-drama as South Korea’s Public Diplomacy


South Korea is one of the countries in East Asia. Countries in East Asia are relatively developed countries with their own ways and characteristics, such as for example China which is famous for its imported products, Japan with the quality of cars produced as well as films and Anime produced, and so on. South Korea is interesting enough for me to discuss because using K-pop and K-drama is a bullet that can improve the country’s image and become a public diplomacy for other countries.

South Korea’s public diplomacy can be carried out through K-pop and K-drama which have an important role in clarifying the country’s ideas towards South Korea, developing international relations, and also strengthening the soft power of South Korea. K-pop and K-drama themselves emerged in the 1990s and continued to develop along with entering the modern era which went with the development of the entertainment world after the advent of television. By presenting a new face, South Korean culture is increasingly globalized through dramas and music genres starring beautiful and handsome actors and actresses who make more and more enthusiasts both domestically and abroad who are growing rapidly.
South Korea’s public diplomacy through K-pop and K-drama consists of various forms of cultural and cultural dissemination that are used as diplomatic tools to clarify and develop international relations.

Here are some forms of public diplomacy implemented by South Korea through K-pop and K-drama:

  1. Korean Wave (Hallyu): The Korean Wave or Hallyu is a wave of popular culture launched by South Korea, involving various art forms, such as K-pop, K-drama, and movies. Hallyu has become a global phenomenon in the past decade, and South Korea uses soft power technology to develop international relations and clarify the country’s idea of South Korea.


  2.  K-pop: K-pop is pop-type music originating from South Korea, which has become a global phenomenon. K-pop uses social media and streaming platforms such as YouTube to access the global community, which helps in clarifying the idea of the state towards South Korea.


  3. K-drama: K-dramas or South Korean dramas have become a phenomenon in Indonesia, starting with the airing of drama series such as “Endless Love” in 2002. K-dramas have interesting stories, as well as good visuals and skills, which make them popular in Indonesia. K-dramas also influenced the popularity of K-pop songs, which became the soundtrack in the dramas.https://tse3.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.jl5Y-aqTZ7nyax-sFAAQQAHaFj&pid=Api&P=0&h=180https://tse3.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.jl5Y-aqTZ7nyax-sFAAQQAHaFj&pid=Api&P=0&h=180
  4. Tourism: South Korea uses K-pop as an attraction for tourists to come to South Korea, which in benefit for the South Korean government.
  5. International Expansion: South Korea uses K-pop and K-drama as a strategy to develop international relations and clarify the country’s idea of South Korea.


K-pop and K-drama as South Korea’s Public Diplomacy

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