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The drama series ‘moving’ launched its first episode on August 9, 2023, on the Disney+ streaming service which received a positive response from the audience by presenting the action and sci-fi genres with additional romance in it. This drama is based on a webtoon by Kang Full which tells the story of students who try hard to close their super abilities so as not to be known by the general public and their parents’ pasts who pass on their super abilities to their children. Of course, Kang Full also contributed to writing the script in the process of making this film and worked closely with Park In Jae as the director. It is explained that the ‘moving’ series will be separated into two parts, in the first part which is the first seven episodes will feature a story centered on the lives of the students. Meanwhile, the second part will review the background and conflicts of parents in living life with superpowers.

This film presents a heroic story that is different from Hollywood works that often show superhumans who save humans openly and become famous, the version in the series ‘Moving’ actually shows that most of these superhumans are trained and work under various government agencies around the world as intelligence agents who of course carry out various secret missions on behalf of the state.

The first seven episodes will tell the story of three students with superpowers who are in the same class and live a typical high school life while masking their powers from the outside world. First, there is Kim Bong-seok (Lee Jung-ha) an awkward boy with the sharpness of the five senses from humans in general that he got from his mother and the inability to control the ability to fly inherited from his late father. Then there is a transfer student named Jang Hui-so (Go Youn-Jung), an athletic and kind-hearted girl who has the power to regenerate the body from any injury, and class president Lee Gang-hoon (Kim Do-hoon) a mysterious young man with extraordinary strength and speed.

Then the next episode will tell about the past of Lee Gang Hoon’s father (Kim Sung-kyun) superhuman with special needs, as well as the past of Kim Bong-seok’s parents (Han Hyo-joo and Jo In-sung) and Jang Hui-so’s father (Ryu Seung-ryong) who is a retired member of the state intelligence agency and a former co-worker. This series will show the inhumanity of state officials in exploiting the superpowers of their agents and using them as secret weapons to conquer other countries, the first antagonist shown is Frank (Ryoo Seung-bum) a mysterious figure sent by the CIA or United States intelligence agency to kill retirees from South Korean intelligence agencies. However, his figure was not shown much after almost completing his mission because after that another super secret agent appeared sent by North Korea to eradicate 3 high school students whose information about their strength was leaked due to an incident.

In the film work, of course, there will be pros and cons for the audience, from a total of 20 episodes presented, there are some complaints that regret that most of this series shows flashback stories from parents compared to the stories of the students(i) who were highlighted in the early episodes.  Instead, the flashbacks presented will be a source of character development and present an interesting story plot, the series is still in the ongoing stage because there are still some mysteries, and is rumored to be shown in the second season.

In general, superhero-themed Korean dramas with storylines that are presented seamlessly between past and present. Coupled with the performance using special effects and superb camera techniques, as well as the storyline it still arouses high curiosity and anticipation from most audiences. It’s no surprise that Kang Full’s webtoon adaptation of ‘Moving’ which airs in 2023 becomes Disney+’s most expensive Korean drama production and cements its popularity around the world, especially in the Asian region.

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