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Become an Active K-Pop Idol BTS Fan on Social Media

At that time, the wave of Korean culture was already mushrooming in Indonesia, so many of my prees and relatives liked K-Pop idols or Korean dramas. However, I myself wasn’t interested in liking things like that until when I opened the YouTube application and saw trending 1 in Indonesia, it showed a music video for KPop idol BTS that had just come out entitled Boys With Luv, What’s on my mind is, why can boyband music videos from other countries enter Indonesia and trend 1st on Indonesian YouTube for days, what’s so special? When I watched it, I didn’t think anything other than that all the members I saw had the same face, until I couldn’t tell them apart at all.

However, strangely enough, I became more and more curious and looked into these Kpop idols, I started looking for music videos for the boy band BTS from the beginning of their debut, and I started looking for the meaning and meaning of the song lyrics they sang, it turned out that all the lyrics they sang really helped me to survive.

I was going through difficult times at That time and I was even more amazed when I found out that BTS members also took part in Writing their own song lyrics. I started creating a fan account on the Twitter application, from there I got lots of online friends who always supported me if I feel anxiety.

Where I started selling online and was helped by my online friends to retweet my sales to get  more exposure. My online sales started to get busy, even very busy, within a day I didn’t stop holding my cellphone and my income touched 350 thousand rupiah in a day, that was a very big number for a child my age at that time, besides that, many people took advantage of this opportunity to open business areas such as making accessories, custom clothes, custom Cellphone casings, buying and selling physical albums, photocards, light sticks, banners for Concert needs and all things related to BTS. Even local fans often buy albums or merchandise directly from Korean sellers, because they are considered much cheaper than the prices in Indonesia. We also support BTS in the application, such as voting to get the best artist Nomination.

Apart from that, BTS fans also often carry out social activities in the name of BTS, Such as planting mangrove trees, raising social funds for victims of the tragedy at Kanjuruhan Stadium, raising funds for empowering the disabled, donating to Palestine, turtle conservation, BTS marine park, taking action social in supporting the movement Black Lives Matter and others.

The actions that have been carried out by these fans cannot be separated from the influence of  What BTS itself has done, they are noted to often set aside their income to share, for example What one member, namely Jungkook BTS, did who donated 11 billion rupiah to the University Children’s Hospital. Seoul National (14/4/2023), Jhope and Jimin BTS, who each donated 1.2 Billion rupiah for the earthquake newspaper in Turkiye and Syria, this was revealed by the Korean Committee for UNICEF (15/2/2023), Jhope BTS also recorded as having donated 1.2 Billion rupiah for children victims of the corona virus pandemic (Covid 19) as a member of the ‘Green noble Club’ of the ChildFund Korea organization (18/8/2020), Jimin BTS was also recorded As secretly donating 1.2 billion rupiah for educational facilities in Chungbuk Province (24/8/23), Jimin BTS is also recorded as having secretly donated IDR 1.2 billion in his father’s name for the Polio vaccine fundraising campaign in July 2021, and Jimin BTS has also purchased 1,200 tables And seat for his alma mater, namely Busan High School of Arts in the month Last February 2020, in 2019, Jimin BTS was recorded as donating IDR 1.2 billion to the Busan Metropolitan Education Office to help low-income students from 16 schools in Busan. And There are many other donation activities carried out by each BTS member that cannot be Mentioned one by one. BTS fans are not only dominated by teenagers, but there are also Many great people who share their experiences and knowledge. I enjoy reading their Analysis of the Korean agency business, law, astronomy, Korean culture, Korean history, And it is not uncommon for fans to even analyze political situation in Korea. From there I Became interested in finding out more about Korean culture, I started studying Korean Language and the alphabet used to write Korean, and finally I found out what major I would Choose when I entered university, yup, I chose international relations. Because I am Interested in politics in Korea. However, since I went to college, I no longer participate in these activities. These are the things I can convey when I am a fan of kpop idol BTS who is Active on social media.

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