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Review: What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

Korean drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim was released in 2018 and has been adapted from a fiction novel by Jeong Gyeong-Yoon (정경윤). This drama is not dull because have a genre that is punctuated by comedy, so viewers have a moment to laugh and make us bloom simultaneously. Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young are famous actresses and actors in South Korea; they were cast in this drama. In this drama, Park Seo Joon as Lee Yong-Joon, becomes a handsome CEO who likes Park Min Young (Kim Mi-So) as his secretary.

In this K-Drama, Kim Mi-So’s family has a bad economy, and their father is in debt, so she has to find a job. She started his career by becoming a secretary with a low ability to do that. But Kim Mi-So never gives up and continuously improves her ability. She must fill her boss’s needs, which puts her under pressure sometimes. But, as a good and professional secretary, she tries her best to do that for her boss. Day by day, Kim Mi-So realized that she wanted to be married and focus on herself, so she tried to resign. After she told her boss (Lee Yong-Joon) to resign, her boss was not ready to lose an essential person in his life because Kim Mi-So had been working for him for a long time.

After her statement of resignation, Kim Mi-So started to find herself and explore a hobby that she did not have before. Her position as a secretary has been replaced for a while by Sul Hee, who is Kim Mi-So’s best friend. Nevertheless, Lee Yong-Joon increasingly feels lonely and upset because the secretary is not Kim Mi-So. Because of that, he realized that he likes his previous secretary (Kim Mi-So) and did not want to lose her again for the second time, so he looked for Kim Mi-So in her place she was often there, but he still did not find her because Kim Mi-So deliberately did not give her information or position.

Lee Yong-Joon never gives up on finding Kim Mi-So, and because of his efforts, he meets and finds Kim Mi-So in a park where he thinks she is. After meeting Kim Mi-So, Lee Yong-Joon confesses his feelings, and Kim Mi-So also realizes her feelings for his boss. In the following situation, Kim Mi-So returns to become a secretary for Lee Yong-Joon, but they have more intimate relationships than before. Long story short, they married, and this K-Drama has a Happy Ending.

In this K-Drama, we are taught never to give up in every situation and always try our best to do something because we will definitely get the best result from our efforts after complex situations.

Many people say that Park Seo-Joon and Park Min-Young have the best chemistry because every episode of this K-Drama immerses viewers in the storyline. The chemistry between them makes the drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim successful because it gets a high rating.

This K-Drama is recommended for people who want to see K-Drama that does not have a complicated plot, so we can enjoy and refresh our minds for each episode that they have.


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Review: What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

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