Unleashing the Thrilling Power of K-Drama Vagabond (2019)! Let’s Review!

“Vagabond” is a Korean drama series that combines action, political intrigue, and emotional drama into an entertaining package. With a plot full of surprises and thrilling action, this series manages to captivate viewers from start to finish.

The story begins when Cha Dal-gun (played by Lee Seung-gi), an aspiring stuntman, inadvertently gets involved in a plane crash that results in the death of his nephew. As he seeks the truth behind the accident, he becomes entangled in a web of corruption involving the South Korean government and several foreign countries. Along the way, Dal-gun meets Go Hae-ri (played by Bae Suzy), a secret agent with motives for helping Dal-gun. One of the things that make “Vagabond” so engaging is the strength of its story. Its complex and puzzling plot ensures that viewers remain interested and engaged in every episode. Political intrigue, conspiracy, and betrayal add additional layers that deepen the story.

Moreover, the spectacular action scenes and brilliant choreography maintain tension and adrenaline at a high level. Additionally, the characters in “Vagabond” are both intriguing and complex. Cha Dal-gun is a strong and passionate protagonist, but he also has deep emotional layers due to the tragedy he experiences. On the other hand, Go Hae-ri is a tough woman striving to prove herself in a male-dominated world. Their chemistry is strong, and the development of their relationship throughout the story adds a refreshing romantic nuance. The cast of “Vagabond” also deserves praise. Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy bring their characters to life exceptionally well, providing different dimensions to each scene. Supporting actors like Shin Sung-rok and Moon Sung-keun also deliver impressive performances, adding depth to the conflicts and intrigues present.

However, despite its many strengths, “Vagabond” also has some weaknesses. One of them is its pacing, which can sometimes feel slow, especially in the early episodes. Some subplots also feel underdeveloped, leaving unanswered questions. Nevertheless, these weaknesses do not significantly detract from the overall viewing experience, considering the quality of the story and action offered.


Overall, “Vagabond” is a drama series well worth watching. With its compelling plot, thrilling action, and strong characters, the series manages to entertain and captivate viewers from various backgrounds. Though not perfect, “Vagabond” remains one of the best choices for fans of Korean dramas looking for something fresh and different. Additionally, the visual production of “Vagabond” is commendable. From stunning shooting locations to impressive special effects, each scene feels meticulously crafted with careful attention to detail. Action scenes involving plane crashes, car chases, and physical fights are executed with precision, adding authenticity and intensity to every moment.

Another aspect that makes “Vagabond” noteworthy is the messages it conveys. In addition to entertaining, the series also addresses important issues such as government corruption, media manipulation, and individual struggles against powerful forces. Cleverly, “Vagabond” prompts viewers to reflect on and discuss these topics in real life. Moreover, the satisfying conclusion of “Vagabond” is also worthy of appreciation. Without giving away spoilers, the comprehensive resolution of the story provides satisfaction to fans who have followed the main character’s journey. All the questions that arose throughout the journey finally received satisfying answers, neatly tying up all storylines. With all its strengths, it’s no wonder “Vagabond” has become one of the most talked-about Korean drama series upon its release. With its solid combination of thrilling action, political intrigue, emotional drama, and profound messages, the series creates an unforgettable viewing experience for its audience.


In summary, “Vagabond” is an impressive offering in the world of Korean entertainment. From captivating acting to outstanding production, the series offers a satisfying experience for its viewers. Despite having some shortcomings, its strengths dominate, making it one of the best in the Korean action-drama genre. For anyone seeking a gripping and profound series, “Vagabond” is an excellent choice. In a journey filled with surprises and tension, “Vagabond” is not just an ordinary drama series but an emotional journey that captivates. From the beginning to the end, viewers are emotionally engaged with each character, experiencing their joy, worry, and even grief.

“When truth becomes the strongest weapon, nothing can hinder our path towards justice.”

– Cha Dal-gun

One aspect that makes “Vagabond” so impressive is its ability to blend thrilling action with deep dramatic elements. Amidst spectacular action and intense pursuits, the series inserts touching moments that emotionally connect us with its characters. The complex love story between Cha Dal-gun and Go Hae-ri, as well as the inner conflicts experienced by each character, provide additional dimensions that enrich and captivate the story. Moreover, “Vagabond” successfully creates an immersive world for its viewers. From the mysterious secret agent office to the dangerous action arena, each location is meticulously designed to create an atmosphere that complements the story. Coupled with background music that perfectly supports each scene, viewers are truly absorbed into the world of “Vagabond” and find it difficult to escape. Furthermore, the messages conveyed in “Vagabond” deserve recognition. Through its characters struggling against injustice and corruption, the series delivers a strong message about the importance of upholding integrity and truth in facing life’s challenges. These messages are not only relevant within the story context but also stimulate reflection in real life.


With brilliant directing skills, each scene of “Vagabond” is presented with tension and suspense, keeping viewers trapped in a storyline full of surprises and intrigue. From thrilling action sequences to heart-touching dramatic moments, the series creates an unforgettable viewing experience. Thus, “Vagabond” is not just an ordinary drama series but a captivating work of art that touches the hearts and minds of its audience. From its complex plot to its profound messages, the series not only entertains but also inspires and stimulates thought. With all its strengths, “Vagabond” has proven itself as one of the best in the Korean action-drama genre and will be remembered as one of the most memorable in television drama history.

“Vagabond” is not just an ordinary action drama series; it is a journey that unveils the secret world and intrigues behind the scenes of the Korean intelligence world. In a story filled with thrilling action and plot twists, viewers are confronted with the dark and dangerous world of secret agents, government conspiracies, and global power games. In “Vagabond,” viewers are presented with a perspective they have never seen before on life behind the scenes of Korean intelligence agents. From dangerous covert operations to unexpected informant networks, every aspect of this intelligence world is depicted with mesmerizing detail, opening our eyes to the complexity of the secretive world around us. However, what truly sets “Vagabond” apart is its clever incorporation of relevant messages within its story. Through its characters fighting against injustice and corruption, the series sheds a powerful light on the struggles and challenges faced by those on the front lines of national defense.

With thrilling action, surprising plots, and strong characters, “Vagabond” is a performance that should not be missed by fans of Korean drama and action enthusiasts. It’s not just about witnessing spectacular physical battles, but also about delving into the dark and intriguing world of secret agents fighting for truth.


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