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Ulzzang: The most popular South Korean beauty trend of this era

Beauty is a trendy thing in South Korea, and South Korea itself is one of the countries that produces many makeup and skin care products. Makeup is the art of changing the face or changing the original shape of the face with the help of tools and cosmetic materials to cover up shortcomings so that the face looks ideal. With so many makeup products in South Korea, makeup styles are also various, one of them is Ulzzang makeup. Ulzzang itself in Korean means “the best face.” According to South Korean beauty standards, this term is intended for someone with a beautiful and handsome face. Ulzzang is a South Korean cultural phenomenon that has increased in the digital age. So many women in South Korea use Ulzzang makeup in their day-to-day activities, from early adolescence to adulthood.

Ulzzang has distinctive characteristics in Korean beauty standards, usually those with white skin, big eyes, double eyelids, a fuzzy nose, flawless skin, and plumpy lips. Usually, someone called an ‘Ulzzang’ also has a pretty skilled facial makeup ability, they even share an Ulzzang makeup tutorial on their personal social media blog. Today’s makeup trends in South Korea are also pioneered by these Ulzzang influencers. That means a lot of women in Korea follow the makeup trend. To get a beautiful, attractive face and have characteristics like Ulzzang, there are many ways makeup is one of them. South Korean women want the best faces with the Ulzzang Style concept.

This Ulzzang beauty trend isn’t just about facial makeup and the fashion style used in outdoor activities. A lot of people give priority to appearances, especially their appearance. Everyone wants to look perfect in any activity, especially for women, appearance is crucial in everyday activities. These Ulzzang fashion trends always follow the latest fashion style developments, such as wearing clothes with pastel and nude colors, but are fearless in their style. Ulzzang isn’t just about physical appearance. They’re also known as trendsetters, influencers, and even entrepreneurs. Many Ulzzangs are building their own fashion and cosmetics businesses, and also share their lifestyle.

There are even some K-pop idols that used to be referred to as Ulzzang in their pre-debut. Examples are Karina Aespa, Yura girlsday who got a casting offer from 60 agencies after uploading her photos and videos on Cyworld, and Hyomin T-ara, who has been an Ulzzang since school, once won a modeling contest and became a model in an online clothing store. Besides, many Ulzzang influencers are not immersed in the K-pop industry but are active on their social media sites. One of them is Park Min Hye, known as Pony Syndrome, which is her stage name. She is a famous makeup artist who has become Ulzzang by uploading makeup tutorials and has millions of followers on her social media. She’s famous because of makeup techniques that can dramatically change her appearance. Influencer Ulzzang not only shares content about beauty and fashion, but also about lifestyle and inspires their fans in various aspects of life.

Ulzzang beauty trend also has some impact on many aspects of South Korea. The strong effect is that the growth of the beauty industry, Ulzzang, has driven a massive increase in the cosmetics and skin care industries in South Korea. This ginseng country is known for its innovation and quality of its beauty products. In general, society already knows some cosmetics because people can gain confidence from using them. These beauty trends also have a global influence, which is why these trends are popular not only in South Korea but also in various corners of the world. They help increase Korean beauty product exports and expand their global markets. The increasing demand for achieving this Ulzzang appearance has driven innovation in the development of beauty technologies, such as new cosmetic products, sophisticated beauty tools, and the aesthetic aspects of plastic surgery. This trend also opens up public awareness of taking care of their skin.

The Ulzzang beauty trend also has negative impacts, leading to a shift in social and cultural values where physical appearance is paramount, overshadowing an individual’s achievements. This shift is fueled by the evolution of the times, particularly in an increasingly sophisticated era of information technology. The proliferation of the Ulzzang beauty trend on social media can affect self-confidence and self-image. Consequently, South Korea has seen the establishment of high beauty standards, escalating social pressure to conform to these ideals. Many are even willing to undergo plastic surgery to align themselves with these beauty standards and achieve the ‘Ulzzang’ look. These unrealistic standards of beauty can have detrimental effects on both physical and mental health.

Ulzzang beauty trends continue to evolve and fluctuate, encompassing not just facial beauty but also clothing styles and lifestyles. Ulzzangs are not merely individuals with beautiful faces, they are influencers and trendsetters who wield significant influence over society. However, this trend has both positive and negative impacts on the South Korean nation and its culture. Therefore, to ‘fit in’ as an Ulzzang, one must also maintain physical and mental health boundaries and practice nonconsumptive behavior.

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