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Review The Point Men Movie

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The Point Men film is a film based on a true story. This film is based on the story of the rescue of South Korean hostages by the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2007.
The story begins when 23 South Korean citizens visit Afghanistan to carry out religious activities. In this film, 23 South Korean citizens were intercepted by Taliban troops, the bus the South Korean citizens were on was burned and the South Korean citizens were transferred to another vehicle where they were detained and taken to another place.
Hearing this, of course, the South Korean government did not remain silent. The South Korean government immediately assigned its diplomat Jung-Jae-ho to be a negotiator for the Afghan government to rescue 23 South Korean citizens who were being held hostage. The most obvious reason for the Taliban taking hostages of South Korean citizens was because it started with the US WTC incident on September 11 2001, at that time the whole world was trying to fight terrorists, especially the United States in fighting terrorists. America was assisted by many countries including South Korea, so this is making the Taliban group hostage South Korean citizens in Afghanistan.
During the rescue, it was discovered that the South Korean diplomat, who was the negotiator, met with Afghan representatives to negotiate the release of the South Korean citizens, the negotiation was accepted and the Afghan government attempted to demand from the Taliban that the hostages be released. If we look at it from an international relations perspective, we can see that there are good efforts from both countries in terms of their bilateral relations, and they are still carrying out negotiations as a form of cooperation in rescuing hostages. However, it is told that in this film the initial negotiation efforts failed, but there were still other negotiations being undertaken by South Korean diplomats

.Negotiations were carried out at that time with a council of tribal leaders in Afghanistan who were highly respected by the Taliban. Negotiations went smoothly at the insistence of the Afghan tribal leaders, so the Taliban finally complied with the demands and promised to release the hostages. However, at that time a Korean TV station showed a live broadcast featuring the hostages’ families, where the hostages’ families explained that the detained South Koreans had good intentions in spreading religion (Christian Missionaries). Previously it was known that the tribal leader was lied to by South Korean diplomats that the hostages were volunteers, this was known by the tribal leader because it was broadcast with local language subtitles. In response to this, the tribal leadership felt disappointed and lied to, as a result, the plan to free the hostages was not continued by the Afghan tribal leaders, which led the Taliban to kill one of the hostages who was the missionary leader. Hearing this news, the South Korean government thought about how to free the hostages. So far there has been 1 more victim killed by the Taliban, which finally made the South Korean government decide to carry out a ceasefire with the Taliban.

We need to know that the State always strives for the best for its own people, and every means is taken for its own people, it can be seen that South Korea is trying to use hard power to free the hostages, this can be done if there is no other way other than negotiating. At the end of the story, the Taliban finally wants an agreement to exchange the hostages for 20 million US dollars. The hostages were released safely even though there were several victims during the rescue process of the South Korean citizens.

Through this film, we can learn a lot that diplomats must be able to negotiate and resolve existing conflicts without involving violence, but if circumstances do not allow it, diplomats must still be able to do whatever they can for their citizens.

Review The Point Men Movie

The Point Men Movie Review

Review The Point Men Movie

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