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Review of the Film “Miracle in Cell No.7”

“Miracle in Cell No. 7” is a Korean film that stirs emotions and tells the story of the love of a father and his daughter, even though it is hampered by tragic circumstances. This film takes the audience on a journey filled with family warmth, strong friendship, and struggle against injustice. Released in 2013, this film became one of the most successful films in South Korea which was able to touch the hearts of the audience with a very touching story.

This film takes place in a prison in South Korea, where a father named Lee Yong-gu (played by Ryu Seung-ryong) lives with his seven-year-old daughter, Ye-seung (played by Kal So-won). Yong-gu has mild mental retardation, but he is a single father who has a great heart of kindness, compassion and undeniable dedication towards his daughter. They live happily despite economic limitations and social deprivation.

However, both of their lives changed drastically when Yong-gu was wrongly accused of kidnapping, abusing and murdering a child of Ye-seung’s age named Ji-young (played by Kang Ye-seo), the daughter of the police commissioner. The incident started when Yong-gu wanted to buy Ye-seung the Sailor Moon bag that he really dreamed of by following Ji-young who intended to tell the shop selling the Sailor Moon bag, but suddenly Ji-young slipped and fell and eventually died. Yong-gu, who saw the incident, immediately took action to help, but it turned out that his actions actually caused a misunderstanding that ultimately resulted in him being sentenced to death. The innocent Yong-gu was separated from his daughter, leaving Ye-seung alone with no family left and Yong-gu was forced to live a life behind bars.

In prison, Yong-gu must learn to survive in a harsh and hostile environment. However, his kindness and sincerity were able to attract the attention of his fellow inmates, especially in cell number 7. With the help of these inmates, Yong-gu tried to survive and waited for the opportunity to prove his innocence. This story certainly creates a deep longing between Yong-gu and his beloved daughter until finally the other inmates are moved to help Yong-gu meet his daughter. They plan a daring scheme to sneak Ye-seung into prison and meet Yong-gu.

Amidst the growing friendship between Yong-gu and the other inmates, this story presents emotional and touching moments. The inmates loyally help Yong-gu in various ways, even willingly sacrificing their own safety. They help Yong-gu prepare for the trial thoroughly. They form an alternative family behind bars, providing moral support to each other and acting as a support when difficult situations arise. They show that family relationships are not always about blood, but also about emotional ties and affection. But unfortunately, with the power of Ji-young’s father, he was able to do everything he could to destroy Yong-gu, ordering lawyers to pressure Yong-gu, who had a poor mental condition, so that he would admit to mistakes he had never made, and giving serious threats. It’s very cruel if Yong-gu doesn’t want to admit guilt.

The ending of this film is that Yong-gu is still sentenced to death, leaving behind his beloved daughter and his fellow inmates. However, his name was cleared and he was declared innocent after the adult Ye-seung (played by Park Shin-hye) defended his father by providing concrete evidence in court.

The story of “Miracle in Cell No. 7” is not only about a father’s struggle to prove his innocence, but also about the power of compassion and sacrifice in the face of unexpected obstacles. This film shows us that true love can overcome all obstacles, even in the most impossible conditions.

Apart from highlighting the themes of family and friendship, “Miracle in Cell No. 7” also raises important social issues, including the need for a fair legal system and sensitive treatment of people with special needs. This film shows how someone with mental retardation can become a victim of injustice and prejudice in the legal process. Through this story, the audience is faced with reflections on the importance of empathy and understanding towards other people as well as justice in law enforcement, regardless of their background.

Overall, “Miracle in Cell No. 7” is a moving and profound film, which manages to capture the essence of family relationships, friendship, and justice. With strong acting from the actors and careful direction from the director, this film succeeded in arousing the audience’s emotions and leaving a deep impression.

Review of the Film “Miracle in Cell No.7”

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