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Crash Landing on You , is a popular Korean drama which aired in 2019-2020. The story tells of a rich woman, Yoon Se-ri, who parachutes into North Korea accidentally because of a storm. There, he met a North Korean military officer, Ri Jeong-hyeok, who helped him hide his identity and protect him from pursuit by the authorities. During the time they spend together, the two begin to fall in love, despite having to face various obstacles and dangers that arise from their different, complex lives. This drama is known for its interesting romantic story, where the two main characters have to fight against all odds and ideological differences to be together.

“Love Across the Border: A Forbidden Romance between South Korea and North Korea”

Amid the pandemic, which kept us confined to our homes, a Korean series emerged that managed to be a savior in my emptiness, namely “Crash Landing on You.” This series, which comes with a very interesting mix of drama, comedy, and romance, has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide from its release in December 2019 to February 2020. This series has reached an extraordinary audience; in Korea alone, the number of viewers reached up to 21 7%; this figure shows very large popularity in the country. This series was not only in South Korea, but it also achieved success overseas and became one of the Korean series with the highest ratings on various streaming platforms in Asia, Europe, and America.


The story begins with 16 episodes, and Yoon Se-ri, a heiress to a South Korean conglomerate, falls from a paragliding plane and suddenly lands in North Korea. This unexpected meeting brought new colors to his life. In North Korea, he meets Ri Jeong-hook, a military officer responsible for his safety. At first, Se-ri feels trapped, but she begins to feel the warmth from the people around her, especially Jeong-hook.

Se-ri tries to adjust to life in North Korea while hiding from the authorities. She also starts to feel strange feelings for Jeong-hyeok, who actually feels the same way. Their unexpected encounter leads them to dangerous adventures and conflicts. The love between Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok deepens, but not without obstacles. They have to face pressure from the authorities in North Korea while maintaining the secret that Se-ri is actually from South Korea. Political conflicts and intrigue also begin to emerge, testing their relationship. Tensions escalate when Se-ri is threatened with having her identity revealed. Jeong-hyeok and his colleagues fight hard to protect him, but not without sacrifice. Meanwhile, in South Korea, Se-ri’s younger brother, Yoon Seo-jun, does everything he can to find out where his brother is.

In the final episode, the tension reaches its peak. Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok have to make difficult decisions to maintain their love. The drama reaches its climax with the revelation of secrets, separation, and the final battle for love and truth. With a total of 16 episodes, “Crash Landing on You” managed to capture the hearts of audiences around the world. This drama is not only about love that transcends national borders but also about friendship, sacrifice, and the power of true love.

Apart from the interesting storyline, this series is accompanied by various melodies that are very touching. Each song provides a deep layer of emotion, presenting important moments in the story that are more lively and colorful. With a melodious voice and evocative lyrics, the songs in “Crash Landing on You” are not just accompaniment but also emotional drivers that unite the stories presented to make them more alive. I personally really like one of the Ost dramas, “Crash Landing on You,” namely “Sunset” by Davichi. This song became one of the most popular soundtracks in “Crash Landing on You.” Sung by the duo Davichi, “Sunset” gives a soft and deep romantic feel. The beautiful melody and lyrics that describe deep feelings of love make this song very suitable for emotional moments between Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok



The mother characters in the drama “Crash Landing on You” are also a reflection of the environment and North Korean society as a whole. They live in a simple village, with traditional houses made of wood and thatched roofs, creating a warm and natural atmosphere. This village displays the daily life of North Koreans with an authentic feel, from the way they dress and communicate to daily activities such as washing clothes in the river or shopping at the local market. In this village, the brotherhood between residents feels very close. They help each other with household chores, share food, and mingle at communal events such as weddings. The warm sense of togetherness and familiarity in everyday life is palpable, creating a touching picture of solidarity in North Korean rural society. The differences between North Korea and South Korea are also clearly depicted in this drama. In terms of the physical environment, North Korea is described as having a greener and more protected nature, with mountains and vast countryside. This reflects its remote character and far from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Additionally, political and cultural differences between the two Koreas are also reflected in the dialogue and interactions between the characters. North Korean citizens in this drama are depicted as people who obey the rules, live with limited information and freedom, but have pride in their country. They respect their leaders, display strong patriotism, and view South Korea as an enemy.

On the other hand, South Korea is depicted with a more modern life, sophisticated technology, and greater freedom of expression. The characters from South Korea bring an interesting contrast with their different mindsets and lifestyles, especially when they interact with North Koreans. With a thorough depiction of the environment, society, and differences between North and South Korea, “Crash Landing on You” is not only an entertaining romantic drama but also provides an in-depth perspective on the realities of life in the two Koreas. This gives viewers the opportunity to see a side that is rarely revealed in international media and at the same time, understand more deeply about the brotherhood, cultural differences, and political dynamics between the two countries.

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