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Review Korean Drama : Itaewon Class

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Itaewon Class, based in South Korea’s capital Seoul. At the center there’s an area called Yongsan. And the warm keyword in that area is Itaewon. Itaewon is a small street that every 31st becomes a crowd destination for people who want to celebrate Halloween. They’re wearing creative costumes as they explore the beautiful buildings around them. Many foreigners from all over the world also gathered here, making Itaewon a crowded place to walk.

This drama tells the story of Park Sae Ro Yi played by Park Seo Joon, who moved to Gwangjin high school. But he’s got trouble at the school. Sae Ro Yi has to be kicked out of school for defending his bullyed schoolmate Jang Geun-Won, just as Sae Ro Yis father who works in the Insect Group has to get out. Meanwhile, Oh Soo Ah is the beloved son of Park Sae Ro Yi’s father in the orphanage. However, without stopping there, the father died crashed into Jang Geun-Won’s car which just escaped and overlaid the blame on others. Mr. sae ro yi’s negligence caused him to go to jail for three years.

Sae Ro Yi’s struggle after being released from prison for revenge is not short, starting from working as a construction worker, fisherman, and other common worker. He had a big dream of building the best culinary business company in Korea continuing his father’s dream. With a strong determination, Park Sae Ro Yi began to focus on developing his restaurant business, ‘Danbam’. Along with other loyal employees, including Jo Yi Seo, Choi Seung-kwon, Ma Hyeon-yi, and Kim To-ni. Together, they underwent a long and challenging journey in achieving their ideals.

Starting from the nasty encounters, Sae Ro Yi’s life journey managed to touch Jo Yi Seo’s heart. That disturbed feeling turned into sympathy, then developed into deep love. It’s a sincere love, where Jo Yi Seo always supports her, cries and struggles with her, and feels her happiness. Jo Yi Seo stands firmly beside Sae Ro Yi, ready to face any danger for the interests and safety of SaeRo Yi. Jo Yi SEO also accompanied Park Seo Ro Yi to build his business to become a company Itaweon Class “IC” which means “freedom” where different cultures become one.

However, Oh Soo Ah remained faithful to Sae Ro Yi with understanding, patience, and support from afar. He never complained when Sae Ro Yi hadn’t spoken for a long time, holding back all his feelings despite feeling tired, because he knew that vengeance was SaeRo Yi’s primary goal. Although they both fought their own way, in the end only Sae Ro Yi knew the direction his heart should take.

The life of Park Sae Ro Yi struggling for his business must have suffered a lot of bad events because of the people from the group of Insects namely Jang Dae-Hee as the president and the son of Jang Geun-Won who was one of the directors of the jangga. Since DanBam’s inception, they have faced many challenges, but Sae Ro Yi and his team have always faced them with a positive attitude, seeking joint solutions to overcome problems, rather than feeling desperate. It allowed Park Sae Ro Yi to rise from the hard times of his life.

Dirty ways are not Park Sae Ro Yi’s way of revenge. But hard work and consistency on the goal. Sae Ro Yi chose to lead with humanity, unlike Jang Dae-hee’s authoritarian leadership style. Not only that, through the stock strategy, Sae Ro Yi succeeded in acquiring Jangga Company, becoming one of the largest shareholders, so he ran to avenge his vengeance on Jang Dae-hee.
This drama teaches the meaning of being honest, achieving inner peace, and living a life of peace. In the glasses of international relations can also be seen that as a representation of various relevant issues, such as globalization, intercultural conflict, and human rights. The characters in this drama also represent diverse cultural backgrounds and identities, reflecting the complexity of international relations in an era of globalization.

Review Korean Drama : Itaewon Class

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