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Rampant: Kingdom Threatened by Zombie Invasion

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This movie has a zombie action genre, called Rampant which aired in 2018. Unlike most zombie movies, the background is in the Joseon era. Where tells about the spread of the zombie virus throughout the kingdom and the efforts of the last prince of the Joseon kingdom to defend his kingdom from the ambitions of the Minister of war who wants to rule by utilizing the existing zombies.

Starting with a scene when Korea was still in the era of the Joseon kingdom, precisely in the water area, the Joseon ship was facing a European ship and they were involved in a fierce battle which was finally won by the Korean ship. Seeing that their enemy had lost, the Korean crew began to seize various supplies belonging to the enemy ship, but unexpectedly it turned out that the ship belonging to the European crew was carrying someone who was exposed to the zombie virus and accidentally bit one of them because it was considered harmless they ignored it and they all returned to the mainland with their colleagues who had been bitten by zombies. Arriving on the mainland precisely in the city of Jemulpo, the man who had been bitten by a zombie began to look increasingly strange, his face was pale and he also continued to feel hungry and thirsty. The man’s wife felt that her husband was strange and thought he was possessed, until at night when everyone began to sleep, the man began to writhe in pain and then turned into a zombie and bit his wife’s children and people in the town of Jemulpo, and this is where the zombie virus began to run rampant.

The scene moves on to show the purchase of weapons by the Joseon prince at the time, Prince Yeong, who wants to fight the enemy troops, namely the dynasty from China using a shotgun purchased from Europe, this is because the Joseon king the time continued to side with China even though China was harming their kingdom. Unfortunately, this strategy was discovered by Joseon’s defense minister Kim, it resulted in Prince Yeong being tried along with his men for being considered rebels, feeling that his plan failed Prince Yeong wrote a letter to his sister named Chung who was living in China, then in front of all the royal staff and the King, prince Yeong ended his life to free his subordinates from torture, but this did not work because in the end his subordinates were still punished even after Yeong’s death his wife Gyeong Bin was also considered a rebel.

A few weeks later Chung received a letter from his brother, the contents of the letter said that his brother Yeong wanted to leave his pregnant wife Gyeon Bin to his younger brother. After receiving the letter, Chung returned to Korea and saw the chaotic state of the village with many bodies piled up and burned, the King who heard Chung’s arrival ordered his troops to finish off Chung as well because he was considered a rebel like his brother when the royal soldiers arrived at Jemulpo, they began to attack Chung with arrows and swords but in the middle of the battle suddenly the zombies appeared and began to attack them, Chung was overwhelmed by the zombies and royal soldiers but finally two people came namely Eul-Ryoung the sword expert and Deok-Hee the archer woman. Through this help, many soldiers of the king’s envoy died and the rest escaped. With the help of the two people, Prince Chung managed to survive and was taken to a temporary community shelter, there the conditions could not be said to be good because many residents were hungry and in pain. Meanwhile, the royal minions evacuated themselves without paying attention to the condition of the people.


At his residence, the Minister of War who saw one of his soldiers return with a bitten state put the soldier into a room and then trapped the king’s concubine to enter and finally got bitten. This is not without reason because the Minister of Defense wants to overthrow the king’s power using the concubine so that later the king will be affected by the zombie virus, this plan succeeded when the next day when the king gathered with his concubines, one of the concubines who was bitten yesterday began to turn into a zombie and bit the king. On the same day, Prince Chung finally arrived at the palace and requested that the kingdom send soldiers to evacuate the surviving Jemulpo people and also wanted to bring his brother-in-law, Gyeon bin, but the king who was in a weak condition continued to refuse and considered many rebels and only trusted Kim the Minister of War. Receiving the rejection, Prince Chung finally met Gyeon Bin alone and was about to take him away, but he was restrained by Kim and his subordinates who said Chung had to join the party with the King’s dynasty envoys later that night. That night, the event began and without realizing it, the king began to turn into a zombie and bite many people at the event, Kim as the mastermind behind all this took advantage of this to kill the king. Seeing the king was killed, the King Dynasty envoy condemned it, but Kim said that “with the death of the king, the Joseon Kingdom would not be subject to the King Dynasty anymore”. This chaos was exacerbated by the many zombies that suddenly attacked the kingdom, the fight could not be avoided but Chung was finally able to survive by taking Gyeon Bin away. On the other hand, Kim declared himself as the new king, and anyone who refused he would kill because he had all the weaponry as the Minister of War, this is what he had prepared to carry out the coup, but unexpectedly in the hideout there was someone who had become a zombie and bit Kim, the officials who were there said that Kim could not become a leader because he would become a zombie, but Kim had dark eyes and began to kill one by one the remaining royal officials. After that, Kim even cut off his bitten hand and wore the late king’s robe to declare his ascension.

Elsewhere, Prince Chung with the remaining soldiers wanted to leave Joseon immediately, but his brother-in-law said that as the last descendant of Joseon, Chung must be able to defend his kingdom, hearing that Chung thought before finally agreeing to Gyeon Bin’s words. Prince Chung made a plan to gather zombies around the palace and burn them simultaneously. When he was about to collect explosives in the basement, Chung accidentally met the infected Kim, the fight continued with Kim who excelled due to the effects of zombie power, Chung managed to escape at that time but his partner could not and ended up dead in Kim’s hands. Later that night, plans began to be made Eul-Ryoung who was bitten by a zombie sacrificed herself to start a fire, while Chung and the others went to higher ground for shelter. Eul-Ryoung starts to make noise to attract the zombies and then she lights the fire, but unexpectedly Kim comes and puts out the fire instead, to disrupt their plan. Chung who felt strange because the fire did not burn finally tried to see for himself and met Kim who was sitting on a throne with zombies around him, Kim seemed to be immune to zombies. Chung’s battle with Kim’s zombie army finally took place with Chung trying to survive while trying to make noise to attract zombies into the palace, but this still felt difficult. Finally, Deok-Hee took the initiative to shoot a fire arrow to spark a fire, until finally the arrow entered the straw that had been prepared and set the place on fire.

After seeing all the straw burning and the fire starting to grow Chung escaped through the roof but as we all thought, this would not be easy because he was again confronted by Kim, the fight between the last scion of Joseon and the Minister of War was inevitable, the fight was fierce but finally after a very tense fight, Chunng killed Kim by dropping the Minister of War into the sea of fire. As the last descendant of the kingdom, Chung finally agreed to become king for the sake of his people, as the new king, Chung ordered his troops to immediately eradicate the zombie outbreak and save the remaining people. The movie is finally over.

Rampant: Kingdom Threatened by Zombie Invasion

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