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Our beloved summer

our beloved summer

“Our Beloved Summer” is a Korean drama in the comedy-romance genre. This drama tells the story of the relationship between two teenagers that begins with an adorable tale. Kook Yeonsu is the top student at her high school. She is a beautiful and cute girl who comes from a low-income family. As a result, she has to be selfish and arrogant so that others will respect her. She spends her time studying and working part-time to survive. Yeonsu lives only with her grandmother, who works as a housemaid. Yeonsu is known for lacking social skills and has only one female friend, Lee Sol I. This starkly contrasts with Choi Ung, who has a very attentive family and is the only child of a wealthy family that owns many restaurant businesses. Choi Ung tends to be childish, focusing on being lazy and drawing. Choi Ung has childhood friends whose names are similar to his, Kim Ji Ung and Goo Eun Ho. Choi Ung and Kook Yeonsu share a common hobby: reading books. Their first encounter happens during the school’s opening ceremony, where Kook Yeonsu receives an award as the best student. Choi Ung wants to greet her but decides not to because of Yeonsu’s cold demeanor. Their second meeting is in the school library, where there’s always a ranking for the student who reads the most. Yeonsu was in second place then, and Choi Ung was in first, marking the first time they spoke to each other.

The Beginning of Yeonsu and Choi Ung’s Story

One day, a director became interested in making a documentary that would tell the story of the students with the highest and lowest ranks in school. This director persuaded Kook Yeonsu and Choi Ung to become actors in the documentary. Initially, both of them refused, but Yeonsu agreed to participate because she would be paid, and Choi Ung agreed to join after being persuaded by his parents. Eventually, the documentary’s filming began, and during the shooting, the two often argued due to their differing personalities. Moreover, Kook Yeonsu and Choi Ung disliked each other. As days went by and the shooting continued for a whole month, Choi Ung and Kook Yeonsu had to spend time together from morning until after school. They became closer to each other. The arguments that always occurred between them slowly turned into romantic and funny moments. Thus, by the time the director finished the documentary, they had started a relationship that lasted for five years.

During college period of time

After finishing the documentary shooting, they ended up dating for five years. They dated from high school to college, attending the same university and often going out together in their spare time. However, Kook Yeonsu was very busy working part-time to pay off her family’s debts, and Choi Ung always wanted to be around Yeonsu. Moreover, Yeonsu often fantasized about things that hadn’t happened from the start of their relationship to hear Choi Ung say he liked her. But Choi Ung didn’t understand what Kook Yeonsu wanted, and they went through a lot together, eventually making Kook Yeonsu realize that they came from different social statuses and that her presence only made Choi Ung miserable. Until one day, Yeonsu ended their relationship.

Ten years later, after graduated from senior high school

After ten years had passed, Yeonsu and Choi Ung led very different lives. In her teens, Yeonsu dreamed of becoming a boss at a company, but in reality, she was just a staff member at a small company founded by her senior. Meanwhile, Choi Ung, who dreamed of lazing around every day and doing what he liked, achieved his dream. Thanks to his success, he became a successful artist, worked as he pleased, and had time to laze around. After ten years, the documentary about Choi Ung and Kook Yeonsu became popular again among all age groups. This led the director who had initially directed their documentary to want to make a sequel to their story. The director asked Kim Ji Ung, Choi Ung’s close friend, to work on this sequel documentary. Eventually, Kim Ji Ung had to bring Kook Yeonsu and Choi Ung together for one project. Before this sequel documentary, Kook Yeonsu had met with Choi Ung to collaborate on opening the Soen Shop company with artists. However, Choi Ung refused because he had to work with Kook Yeonsu. After being offered the opportunity to participate in the documentary, Choi Ung agreed to work with Kook Yeonsu on the project she proposed, but on the condition that Kook Yeonsu also decide to shoot the documentary with him. The documentary shooting finally took place over an entire month, and during this time, Choi Ung and Kook Yeonsu realized that they still liked each other. Throughout the documentary project, they became closer to each other than they had been since breaking up and harboring mutual resentment five years ago. When the documentary shooting was finished, they started dating again, becoming more mature than before. By the end of the episode, Choi Ung and Kook Yeonsu were offered by Kim Ji Ung to shoot a third documentary, as they were now married. That,s how the ending of their beloved summer relationship.

“Our Beloved Summer” tells the love story of Yeonsu and Choi Ung during a summer that began when they were teenagers. Initially, they did not like each other, but eventually, they fell in love. Then, ten years later, they had to meet again because of work and a sequel documentary, which ultimately led them back together and to marriage.

Our beloved summer

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