Netflix Extracurricular Series Synopsis

Extracurricular is a Korean drama released in 2020. It is also known by other titles such as “Human Class” or “Private Lives”. With a dark and complex storyline, Extracurricular explores themes of crime, violence, and social pressures on teenagers in an engaging and suspenseful way that can give you goosebumps. 

What makes Extracurricular’s story interesting lies in its in-depth screenwriting. The drama is also based on the real-life phenomenon of the dark lives of teenagers in South Korea. Some of the actors starring in this drama include Kim Dong Hee, Park Ju Hyun, Jung Da Bin, and Nam Yoon Soo. It tells the story of a student named Oh Ji Soo who lives a double life on the one hand he is an outstanding student but on the other hand, he is also active in working in the field of prostitution as a service for the illegal prostitution business to make money. This is due to the hard life that she experienced after she was abandoned by her parents. He also hangs out with classmates who are also involved in the criminal world, including a woman named Bae Gyu-ri who becomes interested in him. The story follows the journey of Oh Ji-soo, a high school student who gets caught up in the world of crime to make money. With his classmate, Seo Min, they run an illegal business that presents dangerous and complicated situations.

At the beginning of the story, the drama manages to maintain an unchanging tension. Every action and decision taken by the main characters has dangerous consequences, and this keeps the audience’s interest throughout the journey. The clever and well-directed screenplay makes the characters’ motivations come alive. 

That’s not all, Extracurricular also make cool character development. Kim Dong-hee and Jung Da-bin give impressive performances as Oh Ji-soo and Seo Min-hee. They manage to display lifelike emotions, making the audience feel the same fear that the characters are experiencing. The supporting characters are also given ample attention, with actors like Park Ju-hyun and Nam Yoon-su giving convincing performances. Another aspect that deserves praise is the cinematography in Extracurricular. The dark shots portray the tense and gripping atmosphere of the criminal world explored by the characters. These color choices and the lighting make the story more interesting and suspenseful.

In addition, Extracurricular also highlights social issues that relate to the audience, namely teenagers. The play depicts the social pressures experienced by high school students, as well as the many choices they have to face. It provides a deep reflection on the realities faced by teenagers in the real world and invites the audience to reflect on the impact of their actions and decisions. However, Extracurricular also has some weaknesses. Some scenes can sometimes feel too violent and intense, which can make some viewers feel uncomfortable. Some aspects of the plot may also leave viewers confused, and leave some questions unanswered.

Overall, Extracurricular is an engaging and suspenseful Korean drama. With a complex storyline, strong characters, compelling cinematography, and a relatable depiction of social issues, the drama manages to deliver an intense and satisfying experience for its audience. In terms of the appearance of the cast, this Korean drama gives a perfect performance where Kim Dong Hee is said to be successful in bringing Oh Ji Soo’s character with Park Joo Hyun who also looks attractive and successfully brings Bae Gyu-ri’s character.

Of course, the story in this Korean drama can be said to be dark because it brings up the issue of the criminal world among teenagers in South Korea. The storyline is also structured well enough to make the audience interested in watching it. The pacing of the story is quite good, which is not too slow or fast so it allows for character development. The cinematography in this Korean drama is also stunning and the selection of the right soundtrack can make a dramatic and intense story. Although it has some weaknesses, Extracurricular is worth watching what’s more those who like the drama and mystery genre will like to watch and look for answers to unanswered questions.

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