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“Little Forest Korean Film Review (2018) : Finding Happiness in a Simple Life”

Little Forest : Finding happiness in a simple life

When I was in high school, I watched a South Korean film that was very interesting and inspiring. Why do I say it’s inspiring? Because this film has given me a new understanding of the meaning of calm and happiness in life. A calm and happy life cannot only be found in material success and a luxurious lifestyle but also in simplicity, as experienced by the main character of the film that I will tell about in this blog entitled “Little Forest (2018)”.

Little Forest Korean Film : Finding happiness in a simple life
Little Forest (Photo: Pinterest)

Little Forest is a South Korean film released in 2018. This film is adapted from the comic series with the same title by Daisuke Igarashi. Directed by Yim Soon-rye, this film presents an inspiring and heartwarming story about the daily life of a young woman in a small village in Korea. This film can be categorized as a film with a light storyline and not too heavy to keep the audience entertained and enjoy this film in a relaxed manner.

There are three main characters in this film, namely:

  1. Hye-won (played by Kim Tae-ri): The film’s main character, Hye-won, is a young woman looking for meaning in her life after experiencing failure in the city.
  2. Jae-ha (played by Ryu Jun-yeol): Hye-won’s childhood friend still lives in the village. He is a cheerful and enthusiastic character, always ready to help Hye-won at every opportunity.
  3. Eun-sook (played by Jin Ki-joo): Hye-won’s good friend who returned to the village. Eun-sook is a warm and friendly character, providing moral support to Hye-won on her journey.
Little Forest (Photos: Pinterest)

The three people above are highly highlighted characters in this 2018 Korean film. This film tells the story of Hye-won, a young woman who returns to the small village where she grew up after feeling frustrated and exhausted by life in the big city.

Preoccupied with her failures and the mounting stresses of life, Hye-won seeks escape in her childhood village, dotted with stunning natural beauty. She decides to return to her childhood home in a traditional Korean village. There, Hye-won finds peace in the simplicity of rural life. She cooks delicious foods from recipes left by her mother (FYI, her mother left for no apparent reason, leaving Hye-won alone, and the only legacy left by her mother were recipes for delicious food that made a big impression on Hye-won) with fresh ingredients she grows herself.

She finds closeness to nature through everyday activities like farming and tending her garden. In the process, Hye-won reflects on the meaning of life and rediscovers herself. During the changing seasons, Hye-won reconnects with her old friends, Jae-ha and Eun-sook. The three of them support and learn from each other, realizing that happiness does not always lie in material success or a busy life in the big city. They find joy in simple moments, like sharing a delicious meal under the open sky or sharing stories around a campfire.

However, Hye-won’s happiness in her childhood village is sometimes challenging. He faces problems such as battling pests in his garden, harsh winters, and hurt feelings from his past. But through patience, perseverance, and support from his friends, he learned to accept those challenges as part of his life journey.

This Korean film also presents several main themes that are very interesting and relate to our lives, such as:

Human and Nature Relations

One of the main themes in Little Forest is the close relationship between humans and nature. This film shows how a connection with nature can provide deep peace and happiness to Hye-won, the film’s main character.

Happiness in Simplicity

Little Forest teaches us that happiness cannot only be found in wealth and luxurious lifestyles in big cities. But it can often be found in a simple life. Through cooking and planting, Hye-won finds satisfaction and happiness that she never felt in the town.

Friendship and Support

This film also highlights the importance of friendship and support in facing life’s challenges. Whether from childhood friends like Jae-ha or new friends like Eun-sook, the characters in Little Forest support and inspire each other.

Little Forest (Photos: Pinterest)

One aspect that makes Little Forest so fascinating to watch is its moral message. This film teaches us the importance of respecting nature and returning to our human roots. Through Hye-won’s journey, we are invited to reconsider life values, such as simplicity, the courage to try new things, and the importance of deep relationships with the people around us. Apart from that, Little Forest also emphasizes the importance of friendship and support in facing life’s challenges. Through the relationships between Hye-won, Jae-ha, and Eun-sook, we see how valuable it is to have caring people around us and how their support can help us through difficult times.

On the other hand, although Little Forest is an entertaining film, it also includes some subtle social criticism. One is criticism of the modern lifestyle, which often makes people feel isolated and lose connection with nature and the surrounding environment. By showing simple life in a small village, this film shows the audience how important simplicity is and respecting nature as a source of life.

In conclusion, Little Forest is a heartwarming and profoundly inspiring film, teaching us the importance of appreciating the simple life and connection with nature. With solid acting, stunning visuals, and a profound message, this film is worth watching for anyone looking for inspiration and simple joys in everyday life.

Apart from discussing aspects of life, this film also shows the cooking process and details of traditional South Korean food and shows the stunning appeal of rural views in South Korea, which were taken in four different seasons, showing beautiful views of a typical South Korean village. The usual South Korean rural atmosphere with its local wisdom will amaze anyone who watches it.

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“Little Forest Korean Film Review (2018) : Finding Happiness in a Simple Life”

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