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Korean Drama Series “Law School” Simulation of Being a Law Student for Sixteen Episodes

law school
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Law School is a South Korean drama series that aired on April 14th, 2021, with a total of sixteen episodes. This drama tells the story of law faculty students uncovering a suspicious murder case that occurred on their campus, Hankuk University. In these sixteen episodes, the audience is genuinely invited to become a law student because of this drama’s many legal cases and legal rules.

The first episode of this drama immediately presents the main legal case, a professor named Seo Byeong Ju, who died mysteriously while the students were carrying out a trial simulation. After an investigation, one suspect emerged Yang Jong Hoon, a professor who is also a former prosecutor. He is known to be firm and often says harsh words, which makes many students resent him. Meanwhile, eight students are students of Professor Yang Jong Hoon. They initially had a group to study together, but in the end, they also came together to uncover the truth of the murder case on their campus.


This drama slowly reveals who is behind the murder case. Viewers will be invited to guess who the main suspect in the murder really is, complete with their motive. The students were also dragged along and made more and more suspected perpetrators.

However, in the end, the Law School brought this case to a close, and only one defendant remained. However, the way to get to this point is relatively smooth and successful in making people curious, and that is what makes the audience want to watch until the end.

Apart from the main case, there are also many other legal cases involving students outside the main murder case, such as sexual harassment, corruption, abuse of office, etc., which makes this drama even more interesting to watch. In episode eight, where one of the female students who was part of their study group experienced sexual harassment and violence from her boyfriend; the story in this episode is quite emotional because the boyfriend or perpetrator is the son of an official who has quite a lot of power. They can recruit hundreds of lawyers not to be on the side of the student or the victim. However, in the end, this case was resolved with various unexpected things.


One thing that makes this drama even more interesting is how this drama packages legal terms and articles interestingly. This drama also broadcasts its audience as law students. They discuss criminal articles related to defamation, murder and sexual violence by including real examples that are easy for ordinary people to understand. And that makes the audience happy to watch this drama until the end.

Another thing that attracts the attention of the audience is the chemistry of the characters who share the ambition to achieve the best grades in class. Their solidarity in studying and making friends is a warm moment that is very interesting to watch.
Likewise, the last episode of this drama shows various unexpected things, such as how they will solve the endless murder cases. Is there a new actor who is key to this case? The unexpected ending is also one of the reasons why the audience is very curious and will watch this drama until the end.

Full of intrigue and a cleverly woven plot, “Law School” combines dramatic elements with tense court scenes, creating a tense and engaging atmosphere. Apart from that, the series also explores the interpersonal dynamics between the characters, as well as the moral dilemmas they face on their journey to becoming successful lawyers. With strong performances from its cast and an engaging storyline, “Law School” has managed to captivate audiences by combining a tense legal drama with a compelling mystery.

As a drama with a legal background, Law School appears quite different. Not only taking one point of view, the Faculty of Law tries to invite the public to look at the law from various sides so that they can assess the meaning of the law itself.

Even though it has several shortcomings, Law School is still one of the dramas in the first half of 2021 that is a shame to miss.

Korean Drama Series “Law School” Simulation of Being a Law Student for Sixteen Episodes

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Korean Drama Series “Law School” Simulation of Being a Law Student for Sixteen Episodes

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