Korean Drama Review Happiness :Looking for Happiness in the Middle of a Contagious Virus Outbreak

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Talk about things related to South Korea is endless. South Korea has become one of the world’s meccas in the fields of fashion, music, and film or series. Korean drama is one of the shows that are familiar to Korean lovers. K-dramas feature a variety of diverse genres, ranging from romance, action, thriller, and many more that can be watched by K-drama connoisseurs according to their individual tastes. Not only presenting a variety of genres, K-dramas also provide convenience for viewers in accessing series originating from the country of ginseng, it is proven that Korean dramas are widely available on various film platforms such as Netflix, tvN, Viu, iQiyi, and many more.On this occasion, I will take you all to explore more deeply one of the Korean dramas that is quite attractive to the audience that aired in 2021, Happiness.The drama that is quite booming has attracted the attention of K-drama audiences. The drama Happiness was released in 2021 and is played by top Korean actors, namely, Han Hyo Joo who plays Yoon Sae Bom, Park Hyun Sik who plays Jung Yi Hyun, Jo Woo Jin plays Han Tae Sok, Baek Hyu Jin plays Oh Ju Hyeong, Lee Jun Hyuk plays Kim Jung Kook.

The involvement of top uncle actresses and actors who are members of the drama project is also an additional point that makes the drama one of the most popular Korean dramas, especially k-Drama lovers from Indonesia. The Korean drama titled Happiness is set in a luxury apartment in Seoul consisting of many residents who are in it which tells about life after the Covid 19 pandemic.The story begins when one of the residents of the apartment consumes a pill known as a failed Pneumonia pill which results in consumers like rabies with strange symptoms such as uncharacteristic thirst, changes in the pupils of the eyes, until the most severe becomes like a zombie-like figure who does not hesitate to bite others, then the effects of the bite can be contagious and make the bitten victim turn into a figure Zombies.

The presence of the drama Happiness not only displays an exciting story but is implied by meaningful morals. After the commotion that occurred due to the large number of infected residents becoming zombies made the situation even more uncontrollable, therefore mutual cooperation is needed to stop and eradicate the spread of this disease. That’s what players do in this series, they strengthen each other and deliberate to find a way out of this problem. But things that are planned are definitely not always in accordance with expectations, there are always things that become obstacles in efforts to realize good goals.Not only implying the importance of cooperation and deliberation in facing a problem, in the drama Happiness the audience is also invited to be enthusiastic and never give up. The number of victims who continued to fall from the apartment made things even more chaotic, and featured some scenes that were quite tearful.

In one episode of the drama Happiness shows when there is one family member of the apartment residents who is affected by this zombie disease outbreak and of course there is no other choice but to alienate loved ones from the ranks of residents who have not been infected with this zombie disease outbreak and the moral side that must be applied is not to dampen the enthusiasm to continue fighting against this outbreak. It doesn’t stop there, in the middle of the episode of the drama Happiness also displays different tensions ,Park Hyung Sik, who plays Jung Hyi Yun, was surprisingly infected with the disease after trying to protect Yon Sae Bom from a zombie bite. At first he tried to cover up the bite marks because he was worried that Yon Sae Bom would find out and make conditions more unconducive. Finally, Jung Hyi Yun continued to try to restrain herself when these symptoms appeared. Keep in mind that not all infected victims can restrain themselves like Jung Hyi Yun. Jung Hyi Yun’s extremely strong determination to heal and survive deeply moved the audience. At the end of the episode, Yon Sae Bom, who was exposed to the virus but showed no symptoms at all, has antibodies that can save people who have been infected.

The ending of this drama is quite satisfying for the audience because it ends with a Happy ending after a lot of tension that has been passed before. The drama that tells the story of this infectious disease virus does not only show tense actions and survival actions, but in this drama invites the audience to interpret the real home, which is a home that makes us feel calm, namely Together and gathering with loved ones. For thriller genre drama lovers, this drama is worth it to watch because it tells about the fight against zombies and some scenes that are quite surprising to the audience. Apart from the genre, the acting of the drma happiness cast must also be given a thumbs up which makes this drama more lively and exciting.

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