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K-Pop A true friend in difficult times

K-Pop, abbreviated for Korean Pop, is a popular genre of music originating in South Korea. It covers not only music but also various aspects of South Korean culture, such as fashion, dance, and drama. K-pop has become a global phenomenon in recent years, with a growing fan base around the world. Have you ever woke up in the morning with a feeling of tiredness, but then your world instantly colored just because you remembered your favorite K-Pop song? Or maybe you’ve been facing a tough day, but your spirit immediately burns again after watching the latest clip of your beloved bias?

Korea in the eyes of its fans

The world of K-Pop is not just a hobby for his fans but a source of energy that allows him to live his days more enthusiastically. How K-Pop brings its own color and glory into their daily lives. Fans liked K-drama and K-pop. Why do they like it? Let’s also learn the language because it can make the spirit stronger. For culture, so far, this is only fashion because Korea is one of the trends for fashion today, which is why the attraction here is boy bands and girl bands. In Korean dramas, they become the force of attraction and have a huge number of fans from all over the world.

In Korea, this becomes one reason to survive because of the Korean drama, or K-Pop. This is made an escape by some people because they can restore their spirit in living life. These K-Pop fans are usually very royal to their idol; they are willing to pay certain money just to meet and sing songs. Together at their concert world tour, it is an achievement because, for this time, they only see it from their social media, just like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and various other social media platforms.

An example of one of their biases is Mark Lee of NCT and their fandom called NCT ZEN. If these K-pop fans are desperate, they want to meet them once. These K-pop idols make their fans happy all the time and not sad at all. 

Why do fans like Koreans so much?

K-Pop isn’t just about music; it’s about community, culture, and identity. For many fans, K-pop is a source of happiness, inspiration, and friendship. All K-pop fans must want to visit South Korea because it’s their dream. Koreans rarely have a home because the land prices there are very expensive. Most South Koreans live in apartments and have a house only for certain people, like council members. because they themselves argue that Korea is really, really expensive; its living cost is even if it is equal to their salary to survive in their country.

  1. In a Korean country, people don’t take care of other people’s lives; no matter what they want to do, we live our own lives.
  2. They use public transportation like buses or trains to travel anywhere very rarely, as do those who use their private vehicles. If someone uses their personal vehicles, even on average, they use electric vehicles. They are very aware of the danger of pollution as they switch to electric vehicles for gas-fueled vehicles remain, but not as much electricity there.
  3. Their street food is a lot, and it tastes good, making anyone who’s looking at it from their phone want to also taste the food. Their food is fine, but the disadvantage is that it’s a bit expensive.

The fans started learning to read Hangeul because they watched Korean dramas too often, so they learned Korean for a long time. And then there’s a lot of Korean food, because the food market in Korea is getting into Indonesia, and the reaction of the Indonesian people is so good. They can be happy with the Korean culture after now, because now is the culture of Korea wherever. Yes, they are interested in doing this experiment, starting with make-up and skincare. The goal is: let’s be Korean artists. It’s fun because, not alone, a lot of people who like Korean can sometimes get acquainted with fellow fans, talk, and do mainly many fun activities that they like.  K-Pop isn’t just about music; it’s about community, culture, and identity. For many fans, K-pop is a source of happiness, inspiration, and friendship.

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K-Pop A true friend in difficult times

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