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K-drama DoctorSlump Review: 2 Ambitious Students Who Managed to Rise From Mental Health

Review K-drama DoctorSlump: 2 Siswa Ambis yang Berhasil Bangkit Dari Kesehatan Mental

K-drama Doctor Slump Review: 2 Ambitious Students Who Managed to Rise From Mental Health

Korean dramas are dramas that are in great demand by many people including the drama Doctor Slump. This drama is in the spotlight and is eagerly awaited by K-drama lovers when releasing the names of the cast. The drama is played by Park Hyung Sik (Yeo Jung Woo) and Park Shin Hye (Nam Ha Neul). The drama became the reunion of the two and became an antidote to the longing for K-drama lovers in the drama The Heir. No wonder the first episode aired first place on Netflix’s Top 10 Show in Indonesia.

Doctor Slump is a healthy romantic comedy-drama set in the struggle of 2 doctor characters who try to rise from the slumps faced by each other. The two were rivals at the same school and competed in academics to achieve their dreams. Not only tells about the life of middle students, and the life of Dokers but also tells about the ambition of parents who demand their children to become a doctor.

For Chingu who want to give up when you are at the lace point, try watching this one drama can definitely motivate you. Featuring two students who are ambitious and don’t want to budge on each other will make you feel excited to learn when watching this drama. Starting from the female lead character named Nam Ha-Neul who

Review K-drama DoctorSlump: 2 Siswa Ambis yang Berhasil Bangkit Dari Kesehatan Mental
Doctor slump picture by Netflix

played by Park Shin Hye who was the best student in Busan before moving to Seoul, Ha Neul can spend 17 hours per day studying and he won’t let his time be made with leftovers.

Unlike the male lead played by Park Hyung Sik (Jeong Woo) is a smart, tanpan student, and always gets his wish young but it is unfortunate because Jeong Woo’s parents want him to become a real surgeon just like his father. They met in high school after Nam Ha Neul moved to Seoul to pursue his dream of becoming an arterial specialist, and after they graduated, both became doctors.

Behind the life of a successful doctor, it turns out that both keep secrets and a very bitter reality that has experienced a downturn. The first downturn is experienced by Jeong Woo (Park Hyung Sik) who is accused of malpractice of his patients and all the evidence possessed by the police is so strong that it makes his career as a famous doctor ruined in the shortest time. Besides being famous as a doctor, Jeong Woo is also known in the public eye and has gained recognition as a good, successful and kind doctor in the eyes of the public. Because of the malpractice case, he had to give up all his career that he had built and received a cancel culture from the public throughout South Korea.

Doctor slump picture by Netflix

Unlike Nam Ha-Neul, played by Park Shin Hye who is depressed because of the problems experienced in the hospital, strangely Na Ha Neul does not know and even does not believe in being depressed. After experiencing heart symptoms such as: shortness of breath, abnormal palpitations and nausea, then Na Ha Neul consulted a doctor, it turned out that Na Ha Neul not only experienced severe depression but also experienced a very poor mental condition. What made the audience angry was when Ha Na Neul’s thesis was plagiarized by her seniors in the hospital. Experiencing the same downturn, they finally meet again by accident.


An accidental encounter makes them interact again and encourage and help each other. The biggest lesson from this drama is to learn not to force yourself both at work and study so that you forget the condition of the body, study hard to achieve dreams. In addition, it is very important  Support system in life, especially for those who experience depression or mental problems.

This drama is perfect for students and anyone who is trying in life. So for those of you who haven’t watched it, you can really watch it on Netflix.

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