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Intersecting Destinies: A Review of ‘The Call’

‘The Call’, directed by Lee Chung-Hyun, is a South Korean thriller film that combines elements of time travel, horror, and suspense. Released in 2020, the film successfully captivated audiences with its complex storyline, strong performances by the actors, and chilling atmosphere. Set in both the past and the present, the story takes the audience on a mysterious journey where every change in the past can have terrifying consequences for the future.

The story revolves around two women separated by 20 years but connected through a mysterious telephone call. Seo-Yeon (Park Shin-Hye) discovers an old phone in her childhood home and begins receiving calls from Young-Sook (Jeon Jong-Seo), who resides in the same house but in the past. As they talk across time, Seo-Yeon realizes she has the power to alter events in Young-Sook’s life. However, their interference with the past doesn’t always end as expected, often resulting in unforeseen consequences for both.

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One of the most commendable aspects of ‘The Call’ is its ability to maintain tension throughout the film. From the first phone call answered by Seo-Yeon, the audience is drawn into an increasingly intense atmosphere as the story unfolds. The complexity of the relationship between the past and the present and its impact on the fate of the main characters make every scene full of tension and surprises.

The film also offers a fresh approach to the concept of time travel with unexpected twists and surprises. Additionally, the character development in ‘The Call’ is excellent. Audiences can witness significant evolution in both main characters, Seo-Yeon and Young-Sook, as the story progresses. The complex internal conflicts and struggles between the two characters add a deep emotional dimension to the film. Furthermore, the acting performances by Park Shin-Hye and Jeon Jong-Seo are noteworthy. They convincingly portray the complex emotions and internal conflicts of their characters, strengthening the emotional bond between the audience and the story. Their ability to convey the fears, determination, and moral dilemmas of their characters adds a deep emotional dimension to the film.

Visually, ‘The Call’ features captivating cinematography that effectively captures the eerie atmosphere of the story. The contrast between the bright, nostalgic colors of the past and the darker, more ominous tones of the present helps highlight the tension between purity and destruction, as well as between fate and free will. The director and production designer successfully create an engaging atmosphere for the audience with dark and mysterious visuals, creating tension throughout the film. The visual effects used also help enhance the audience experience, especially in scenes that emphasize the concept of time travel.

‘The Call’s exploration of time travel raises thought-provoking questions about the nature of fate and the ethics of altering the past. As Seo-Yeon struggles with the temptation to change Young-Sook’s fate for the better, audiences are forced to confront their beliefs about the inevitability of events and the potential consequences of interference.

However, it cannot be denied that there are some weaknesses in ‘The Call’. At times, the storyline feels convoluted, especially towards its climax. This makes the mechanics of time travel difficult to understand, and some moments in the film can leave viewers feeling confused or uncertain. Additionally, the resolution of some story elements feels rushed and unsatisfying.

In conclusion, ‘The Call’ is a captivating thriller with a complex storyline, strong performances by the actors, and a chilling atmosphere. Despite some shortcomings, the film successfully delivers a story full of tension and emotional resonance that will haunt viewers’ minds even after the film ends.

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Intersecting Destinies: A Review of ‘The Call’

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