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When entering the holiday season, South Korea is one of Asia’s leading destinations for traveling with loved ones. This is not without reason, but the attractiveness of South Korea can attract the attention of tourists to the ginseng country. South Korea’s success in promoting its flagship music, K-POP, and  other entertainment, such as Korean dramas, has made the name of South Korea increasingly famous in the international arena. In tourism, there are no less exciting tourist attractions that must be visited if you are on vacation in South Korea, one of which is Myeongdong. Myeongdong is one of the tourist attractions in Seoul, South Korea, which provides a place to shop for clothes, beauty tools, and a variety of delicious foods that are ready to eat. Many shops sell various kinds of goods ranging from domestic to foreign production, so it’s no wonder that Myeongdong is one of the biggest fashion centers in Seoul. The number of vloggers or influencers who come there also helps promote Myeondong as a must-visit place for domestic and foreign tourists.

Jeju Island is the next destination that must be visited if on vacation to South Korea. JejuJeju Island is perfect for someone who likes nature because Jeju Island is identical to the beauty of the beach and mountains. Tourists who like to watch Drakor must be familiar with the word Jeju island; there are lots of Drakor set in the beauty of Jeju Island, such as one of the Drakor that has been booming lately, “Welcome to Samdalri.”There are many tours that can be visited while on vacation to Jeju island, one of which is Jungmun Beach, which is famous for its white sand and blue sea beauty that can add to the tranquility of visitors. The next tour that can be visited while in Jeju is Hallasan, commonly called Halla Mountain, a mountain with an altitude of 1,950 meters above sea level. It was once a volcano but is no longer active and is now better known as an azalea garden; a crater filled with water eventually becomes Baengnokdam Lake. Mount Halla’s appearance adds to the attractiveness of tourists, especially climbers, who want to see the beauty of Mount Halla firsthand.

For those who like entertainment venues wrapped in splendor, South Korea has a place that suits the characteristics of tourists like this, namely visiting the Gangnam district. Gangman itself is a Seoul district synonymous with the luxurious style and splendor of upper-class people. If you want to shop for luxury brands, going to Cheongdam Fashion Street, where there are various boutique clothing stores and other branded bags is highly recommended. Vacation is only complete if you have taken a few photo portraits to capture the moment; Cheongdam has a suitable background for a photo with a view of the splendor of Cheongdam Fashion Street. In addition to displaying the splendor and portrait of modern tourism, Gangnam is a must-visit spot for those who like reading books. Starfield Library has 40,000 books. You can find a variety of book genres ranging from humanities and economics to non-fiction. Starfield Library is located inside COEX mall, which has a vast open space for anyone who wants to find and read interesting books.

If you have ever watched a Korean drama titled Itaewon class, you must be familiar with its name. Itaewon is a district located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Traveling to South Korea is complete if you have yet to visit Itaewon, which is famous for its multicultural tourist attractions, unlike Gangnam. Itaewon features a variety of iconic tourist attractions and is a must-visit. One of the iconic places is Itaewon Antique Shopping Street; as the name implies, it presents an array of shops selling antiques originating from Asia to Europe, so it is suitable for antique lovers to come there. The next destination in Itaewon is the Samsung Leum Art Museum. In the museum, visitors will be presented with two different eras. The first side of the museum displays works of art originating from prehistoric times with traditional Korean artwork, while the second side displays contemporary artwork by national and international artists. For those of you who like culinary, then it is suitable to visit Coreanos Kitchen Itaewon, where you will be served a kind of Mexican fusion food but still wrapped in Korean flavors; then there is Petra Palace; for Muslim tourists, do not worry if you are in Itaewon because Petra Palace serves halal food from the Middle East, especially those from Jordan. The last destination in Itaewon is complete if you have yet to visit Namsan Seoul Tower. This destination is perfect to visit with a partner because Namsan Seoul Tower is identical to the Love Lock. It is said that whoever puts his name and his partner first, then their love will last forever.

Those traveling ideas must be visited while on vacation to South Korea. So far, I have never been to South Korea, but I often read, watch, and find interesting things and traveling ideas that must be visited. For me, South Korea is always beautiful and fun. Hopefully useful.


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