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Decibel Movie 2022 Reviews

Decibel movie
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Decibel (데시벨 ) is a 2022 South Korean action thriller. Decibel’s secret weapon lies in the emotional scenes of Lee Jong-suk (Jeon Tae Seong) & Cha Eun-woo (Jeon Tae Ryeong). The movie Decibel tells the story of a former navy captain named Kang Do Young (Kim Rae-won), who becomes the target of a terrorist threat from a very mysterious boss. He receives a cryptic phone call informing him that the lives of thousands of people will be threatened. The perpetrator has planted bombs in vital locations in South Korean areas full of people, including soccer stadiums. These bombs are very sensitive to sound and will explode if the surrounding sound exceeds 100 decibels, hence the name decibel.

This film shows the tension in downtown South Korea due to the sound bomb, where this bomb was scheduled, and only Kang Do Young had to save everyone who was at the location. This film was flooded with popularity because the actors in this decibel film were top actors, including Kim Rae Won, Cha Eun Woo, Lee Jong Suk, Jung Sang Hoon, Park Byung Eun, Jo Dal Hwan, and others. This film is also revenge for the trauma a year ago when a navy ship swallowed half of its officers. The decisions made by their commander left emotional wounds and resentment; this did not trigger one person but many people who were affected.

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One year ago, 44 South Korean submarinecrew members were returning from military training. Among the 44 people were commander Kang Do Young, ship captain Jeon Tae Seong, Sergeant, and Jeung Tae Soeng’s younger brother, Jeon Tae Ryeong. When they were about to return to base, a remaining torpedo mine was active and chased their submarine. In this incident, Jeon Tae Seong had to give up his younger brother, Jeon Tae Ryeong, who died because the submarine he was on had to sink to the bottom of the sea due to a missile that was launched, thereby endangering other people.

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Back to the future, where Kang is attending the 1st anniversary of the submarine that killed 22 crew members. One of the survivors, Jeon Tae Seong, still doesn’t accept that his only sibling died so easily, so Tae Seong wants revenge by committing terror. One day, Kang receives a secret phone call informing him that a sound-sensitive bomb has been planted in a soccer stadium. When the mass reaches a certain decibel, the bomb will automatically explode. On his way, Kang tries to stop the bomb at a predetermined location. Captain Kang and special reporter, Jung Sang Hoon will accompany Kang around the city to check the location of upcoming and unexpected bomb threats. Just in time, Do-Yeong saves innocent lives but the terrorists remain intent on inflicting further casualties, including Do-Yeong’s wife, Sergeant Jang Yoo-Jeong, and his daughter, Seol-Young.

Now he must race against time to track down the terrorists and save his family. Amidst this impossible task, the dark secret left behind by the Commander buried at sea resurfaces. In this tense situation, Kang continues to try to defuse the terror bomb, it is known that the perpetrator of the bombing incident was Jae Tae Seong, who also explained the reason why he did this because of revenge due to Kang’s decision while on the submarine until killed Tae Ryeong’s younger brother. After that, the bombing case ended, but Kang still felt guilty for the decision that made Tae Seong act this far. Kang finally revealed all the secrets about the submarine case, which turned out to have government involvement, so that the media finally knew the truth, which had been covered up all this time and was the beginning of Commander Kang’s retirement.

Decibel Movie 2022 Reviews

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