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Chronology of the commotion at the 2024 Golden Disc Awards: Korean fans heat up, the event ends in chaos!

The 2024 Golden Disc Awards (GDA) is a prestigious music awards event which is held every year. This event was held as an appreciation for the best artists and groups in the Korean music industry. This year, for the first time, Indonesia had the opportunity to host GDA 2024. The GDA event throughout Indonesia took place at the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) on January 6 2024. Unfortunately, the GDA event was very chaotic due to riots. because of the riots. Korean fans are talked about a lot. on social media and even trending on X, which used to be Twitter.

The chaos at GDA 2024 began with the initial warning given to a number of Korean spectators by security officers for bringing professional cameras into the event venue. This rule was established to maintain the safety and comfort of all visitors, because this rule has been conveyed from the start and based on the rules, it is also not permitted to bring cameras into the event area and these rules have been uploaded by the promoter via intragram. However, some Korean fans were brave enough to bring professional cameras and hide them during the event. When reprimanded by security officers, the fans’ reaction to the warning was very negative, and some of them uttered harsh words and even committed acts of physical violence against the officers. Clashes between Korean fans carrying professional cameras and security officers continue. A number of Korean visitors were reluctant to comply with existing regulations and became involved in debates with security officers.

Videos recording the incident quickly spread through social media, going viral among users, especially on platform among the masses. Strong reactions were also seen in other videos, which showed Korean fans engaging in heated debates with security officers and other fans, even resorting to verbal violence and imposing their will on established rules. From the circulating video, it can be seen that the Korean fans not only ignored the warnings of security officials, but also engaged in increasingly disturbing behavior. They show bad things and curse with dirty words but use Korean towards staff and visitors from Indonesia. Several videos show Korean fansites (accounts that produce high-quality photos and videos from events or concerts of a group or an idol) openly verbally abusing female security officers.

The situation escalated when security officers tried to intervene and secure the Korean fansite. Security officers began to enforce the rules and discipline fans who violated them. In fact, there was an incident where one of the GDA 2024 staff was pushed to the ground because he tried to give continuous warnings and was given a warning that if he did not follow the rules he would be expelled from the 2024 Golden Disc Awards (GDA) event to Korean fans. This incident created an increasingly intense scene of chaos, with several Indonesian viewers trying to defend the event staff. Security officers have taken several steps to stabilize the event but there are still fansites that intimidate Indonesian visitors, creating an unsafe and unpleasant atmosphere for those who attend to enjoy the event.

Reactions to this chaos did not only come from the event organizers and visitors who were victims, but also from the online community. Fans who watched online were also angry with the Korean fansite, because it caused chaos, those who watched online were dissatisfied with watching the event, which should have run smoothly but instead there was chaos. Many social media users condemned the aggressive and disgraceful actions of Korean fans, and called on all parties to comply with the rules that have been established to maintain security and order at the event. Even though the 2024 Golden Disc Awards (GDA) went ahead, the incident left a deep mark and sparked demands for stricter implementation of rules and regulations at future events. Stricter enforcement of rules and increasing event security is a priority for organizers and related authorities, in order to maintain the integrity and reputation of the South Korean music industry.

The chaos that occurred at the 2024 Golden Disc Awards casts a very bad shadow on the K-pop music industry and the South Korean entertainment industry as a whole. This incident underscores the importance of strict enforcement of rules and security in hosting large events, and emphasizes that acts of physical violence and verbal exposure will not be tolerated under any circumstances. At the 2024 Golden Disc Awards, there needs to be decisive action and changes in the management of major events like this, and it is also important to improve communication with fans and explain the importance of compliance with the established rules.

In my opinion, improvements can be made to security officers so that they are better trained to resolve these conflicts as well as increase stricter supervision of the entry of prohibited items into event venues and provide effective communication channels between organizers and visitors to handle them. complaint. or problems that arise. From the 2024 Golden Disc Awards, it is hoped that after the incident that occurred, lessons can be learned and can prevent similar incidents from happening again at the next Golden Disc Awards, so that the celebration of musical achievements can run well. took place safely, peacefully and pleasantly for all parties involved.

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